6/15- Adding to the craziness of this past year, I have relocated backto Milwaukee, meaning the url for this websites once again makes sense. A new website is still in the works, along with a new batch. In the meantime, come out to an awesome show at High Dive on July 2nd with Gamma Pope and Dent from Boston. FTAM will be shifting more towards label operations and away from concert promotion in the future, but expect a show popping up every once and a while.

5/16- While the new batch is still being worked on, please check out the projects page for a brand new zine by myself. It lays out a new scoring method I developed over the past few months with contributions from Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, and more. Hopefully the new batch (along with a brand new website) will be available by the beginning of july.

2/26- It's that time of year once again, everybody! That time were I sell stuff for extra cheap because I'm getting a new batch together. Click on the projects button right above ya to scope sweet deals.

In the meantime, FTAM is setting up its first show in MA on April 5th. The mad man known as Gerritt Wittmer is coming out and its going to own. Make sure you swing by.