7/22- THE NEW BATCH IS READY TO ORDER NOW YOU GUYS! Click the projects button above and it will take you straight there. Also, I am going to be phasing out this website and start using http://ftamproductions.com for everything soon. So start heading over there. This also means I'm using a new email address (ftamproductions@gmail.com) and will be rebuilding the mailing list. If you want in, hit me up.

7/13- Hey everybody! There's a new batch coming out next week Friday! I'll have more details soon, but listen to the samples in the soundcloud stream below!

6/15- Adding to the craziness of this past year, I have relocated backto Milwaukee, meaning the url for this websites once again makes sense. A new website is still in the works, along with a new batch. In the meantime, come out to an awesome show at High Dive on July 2nd with Gamma Pope and Dent from Boston. FTAM will be shifting more towards label operations and away from concert promotion in the future, but expect a show popping up every once and a while.