4/26- I have made this announcement in a few other places, but I suppose I should make it here: this August I will be packing up shop and moving to Boston. Because of this, I will obviously not be setting up or promoting shows around Milwaukee anymore. It's been a joy being able to bring experimental music to this city for the past eleven or so years, but it's time for me to move on. I will be continuing on with FTAM as a record label once things settle down a bit in my new place. When that happens, I will be changing the website as the "organization" will no longer be Milwaukee affiliated.

Speaking of releases, a bit of an announcement on that- The next LP from myself, "Impure Gold pt. II" will be out on June 23rd.

If you are interested in making it to an FTAM show, your last two chances are the Wrest and Pedestrian Deposit shows. Hope to see you there!

3/21- Welcome to spring! We have a couple shows coming up. Check them all out!

Mike Majkowski and SSBTat the Borg Ward
Wrest at the Cocoon Room
Pedestrian Deposit at the Borg Ward

2/11- We are slowly starting to reach the end of winter, which means things are going to start happening. The biggest of which is the new batch of music set to be released at the end of June. This next batch will include the second part of Impure Gold from myself and new cassettes from Phoned Nil Trio, Plague Mother, Justin Marc Lloyd and A Bleaker Teen Lip (Woods + Gravander + Edwards). If you want to see this happen in a timely fashion, head over to the projects page and help me clear out my closet with a sick sale. Thanks!

For more information or to be added to the mailing list (which updates about all FTAM news and (almost) all experimental shows happening in Milwaukee, email me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com. You can also find stuff on Facebook and Twitter.