Here's the idea- A benefit for the borg ward where artists from the area perform dramatic readings of their worst reviews. This can include anything from published comments from reputable sources to snarky trolls on the internet trashing stuff to boost their self esteem. The category of "dramatic reading" is also open to interpretation and can include anything from dry reads to reenactments. The only qualifications are (a) it has to be a review of YOUR work, (b) you have to use the words of the person who wrote it with minimal changes, and (c) it has to have been written and "published" by someone else (no making stuff up).

The tentative date for the event is november 22nd. Please let me know if you are interested. I am looking to put together an hour long program, which means I will need a decent chunk of readers.

You can contact me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com

8/15- After four weeks on the road and a few more without proper computer access, I am back and things are up and running! First, we've got lots of new shows to announce for the fall. Check it:

SEPTEMBER 8th- Daniel Wyche and Katrina Stoneheart w/ Invertabit @The Borg Ward
SEPTEMBER 9th- Wild Gone Girls w/ Temper and M Jurek @The Borg Ward
SEPTEMBER 14th- CJ Boyd w/ Honeymooners, Amanda Schoofs and Peter J Woods @ The Borg Ward
OCTOBER 9th- Jealousy Mountain Duo and Don Vito w/ Peter J Woods Free JAzz Ensemble @ The Cactus Club
OCTOBER 14th- Bad Luck @ The Borg Ward
NOVEMBER 8th- Damion Romero w/ Peter J Woods, Nummy and Dan of Earth @ The Cactus Club

Second, I have a handful of leftover tour tapes from the past tour. Split c20 between myself and the fantastic Kingston Family Singers. Check the store for more details.

Finally, the last batch has been getting some FANTASTIC press, most for the Peter J Woods "Impure Gold, Pt. I" LP. What are people thinking, you ask? Well...

Peter J. Woods has made a president’s address - Animal Psi
Woods manipulates silence to his own nefarious end, invoking a subtle terror through processed computer voices and the absence of sonic destruction- YELLOWGREENRED
Half-hour Behemoth- Tiny Mixtapes
High caliber shit... an unpredictable treachery, this isn’t noise for noise sake, nor for shock value, nor for machismo, it’s elaborate, beguiling, & filthy as fuck, and it’s fucking excellent.- Antigravity Bunny

Beyond that, the Village Voice gave some nice praise to both the LOT and the Bridges of Konigsberg cassettes. Check out the review here. And all of these are still available!

Good to be back, everybody! Hope to see you in September!

For more information or to be added to the mailing list (which updates about all FTAM news and (almost) all experimental shows happening in Milwaukee, email me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com. You can also find stuff on Facebook and Twitter.


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